Children’s Clothing Line

Children’s Clothing Line

Client: Avril and Tim
Working Time: 2017
Purpose: Establish and Launch a Contemporary Clothing Line for Children between the ages of 2 and 13

1) Developed a business name

2) Colour theme selection and shade highlights

3) Designed a simple text logo in JPEG format

4) Legal entity incorporation

5) Confirmed web and domain name availability and developed a website

6) Accounting system setup

7) Built a detailed financial model which will include: i) a detailed revenue and cost build-up with relevant assumptions and drivers; ii) Breakeven analysis; iii) 3 years financial forecasti.e statement of financial position, statement of financial performance and cash flow statement

8) Analyzing the Business Opportunity & identifying the gap

9) Developed a social media strategy

10) Social media account opening

11) Designed/developed the supply chain i.e. vehicle(s) for logistics, fabric sourcing, exclusive designs, packaging materials and initiate contact with each vendor

Client is preparing for a successful launch